Episode 67

58 mins

Jo & Rane - 2 Years On, Now What?

November 17, 2019

It's been an unbelievable 2 years since we started the podcast, so we are celebrating!

Hear us talk about what the last year of the podcast has been like, and hear questions and contributions from some of our favourite podcast guests.

There are juicy questions on the role of podcasting for industries such as yoga, the relationship between the hosts and guests, as well as more lighthearted questions such as: What have been our most inspiring moments? What are the most embarrassing things we have ever said?

Leigh Blashki, Gina Macauley, Mei Lai Swan, Jivana Heyman, Sarah Harry, Janet Lowndes, Amy Bell and Jo Buick all contributed to this episode!

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has appeared on the podcast, as well as you the listener and especially our Patreon Supporters. Thank you so much!

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0:34 Rane and Jo’s horror weekend
4:20 The evolution of this episode
4:40 Leigh Blashki provides some thoughts to ponder
9:05 The role of podcasting in a field such as yoga
12:20 The relationship between podcast host and the listener
16:00 What’s our role as podcasters?
17:32 Gina Macauley’s question - what have been our most inspiring moments on the podcast?
20:40 Mei Lai Swan’s question - What most inspires you on your journey with the podcast?
22:24 Jivana’ Heyman’s question’s on Accessible Yoga
28:20 From Sarah Harry - what was the worst thing a guest has ever said?
29:43 How long does it take to create an episode of the podcast?
31:00 What’s the most embarrassing thing we have said on the podcast (or done)?
33:45 From Janet Lowndes: What can podcasts like ours do to keep discourse alive?
36:35 From Amy Bell: How would you describe the creation of a podcast as a metaphor?
40:24 Are there any interviewers/podcasters you admire? What do you admire about them?
45:00 From Jo Buick: How has the experience of speaking with so many diverse practitioners influenced our approach and teaching? Have any themes emerged?
49:54 What is the future of the podcast?
55:04 If we could distil everything we have learned down to one core essence, what would that be?
57:14 Next week’s episode - Leigh Blashki

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