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All About Aerial Yoga Theraputics Training

April 15th, 2024 By rane

We recently spoke to Renae Stevens and Kristin Mathiassen for the podcast to ask the question "What is aerial yoga therapeutics?"

Renae Stevens is the creator of the Aerial Yoga Therapeutics training program, an approach that integrates the aerial hammock as a therapeutic modality for mental, emotional, and physical well-being. With a background in yoga, somatic practices, and mental health recovery, Renae has developed a unique methodology that bridges the mind-body connection through the versatile and supportive medium of the aerial hammock.

Kristin Mathiassen is a trained aerial yoga therapist who specialises in working with individuals with disabilities, particularly those with Down syndrome. Her personal experience as a mother to a son with Down syndrome inspired her to explore the therapeutic potential of the aerial hammock and sensory-based activities. Kristin's expertise lies in creating safe, playful, and engaging environments that support the unique needs and abilities of her clients.

Both Kristin and Renae are teaching in Renae's upcoming Aerial Yoga Therapeutics teacher trainings.

Jo wrote about her experiences in her blog on Garden of Yoga. We won't go into everything she wrote there (it's well worth a read), but in short we think that it's an excellent training, and can definitively say that anyone from yoga teachers to occupational therapists would benefit from one of these courses.

We are proud to be ambassadors of this program - we would not be promoting it if we didn't believe in it!

So for more details head to for more information and the ‘discover more’ link for each training for start dates and pricing.

The first unit - Aerial Essentials Teacher Training starts in June 2024!

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