Justine Elizabeth

Unlocking the Power of Flow: Insights from Justine Elizabeth

June 30th, 2024 By rane

If you've ever wondered about the name of The Flow Artists Podcast you'll love our latest episode!

Justine Elizabeth's journey from psychology student to professional hoop performer, yoga teacher and flow expert is nothing short of inspiring. Her definition of flow states as the sweet spot where peak performance meets peak experience really resonates, and she shares lots of accessible strategies to help us access it!

We love Justine's practical approach to emotional regulation and self-care. Her "triple A" method - Acknowledge, Ask, Act - seems like a really manageable way to deal with stress and emotional challenges. We also appreciated her take on the importance of setting boundaries and taking care of ourselves, especially in high-pressure environments.

Justine also shares about the power of using "functional music" to induce flow states. Who knew that the right tempo and rhythm could actually align our brain waves and help us get into that zone? It's fascinating to think about how something as simple as putting on the right playlist could potentially boost our productivity and creativity.

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