Episode 78

55 mins

Aleisha Leonard - Yoga, Kirtan and LGBTIQ+ Leadership

April 5, 2020

In this episode, we speak to the amazing Aleisha Leonard about kirtan, yoga, trauma-informed practice and LGBTIQ+ Leadership.

A lot has changed since we originally spoke to Aleisha for the podcast, so we begin the episode with a quick check-in from her current residence in London.

We learn how Aleisha found a love of yoga despite initially finding it boring. We hear how she discovered kirtan and talk about the process of leading a sound meditation. We also learn about her participation in Victoria's LGBTIQ+ Leadership program and how she made lifelong friends during that time.

We also announce our Mentoring and support program - learn more about it here: https://www.gardenofyoga.com.au/learn/mentoring-and-support/

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1:40 Aleisha’s addendum
5:12 Aleisha talks about her background growing up in Sydney and how she discovered then grew to love yoga
8:00 Aleisha’s key teachers
10:01 How did Aleisha develop her love for kirtan?
13:02 Does Aleisha like to know and share the correct pronunciation and meaning of sanskrit?
17:44 Does Aleisha have any tips for people leading kirtan to help guide others through that journey?
21:03 What is Aleisha’s point of view around cultural appropriation of kirtan and yoga?
22:25 Accessibility of kirtan
24:10 Break - Mentoring with Rane and Jo
25:38 Queer and Trans Yoga classes at Dance of Life
27:17 Aleisha talks about homesong
30:26 The LGBTIQ+ leadership program
32:24 Aleisha’s project on burnout as part of the program.
35:41 Did Aleisha have any personal goals going into this course.
37:23 Has Aleisha made lifelong friendships in the program?
39:55 Inclusive events at Brunswick Baths
47:24 Does Aleisha have any self-care practices that she finds helpful?
49:23 How does Aleisha manage working a full time job and teaching yoga/kirtan?
51:50 Was Aleisha excited about any yoga adventures in London?
53:30 Aleisha’s one core lesson

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