Alex Rodger - Finding a Yoga Space

Episode 10

42 mins

Alex Rodger - Finding a Yoga Space

November 20, 2017

This week we travel back to New Plymouth, New Zealand and catch up with Alex Rodger who runs The Yoga Space hot yoga studio.

Alex has led an adventurous life, and he tells us how his journey has taken him travelling around the world from the north of England by air and sea. We learn how he found yoga and meditation, and how he felt drawn to creating a community right in the heart of New Plymouth, New Zealand.

In this interview, we will learn about Alex's influences in yoga and his down to earth approach to teaching and holding space. We'll also learn about some fantastic events he has coming up.

We recorded this conversation in his studio, and you might notice a bit of background noise during portions of this recording, for which I apologise.
Jo and I will return at the end for our picks of the week!


The Yoga Space -
Summerview Festival 2018 - Link to come

Picks of the week:

Rane - Made to Last by Vanessa Murray -
Jo - Donna Sparx's Hoop Ma Boogie Workshop -

The theme song is "Baby Robots" by Ghostsoul - you can buy his music at

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