Episode 85

62 mins

Alice Williams - What Is A Bad Yogi?

July 12, 2020

Alice Williams is a Yoga Teacher, writer, and the author of "Bad Yogi: The Funniest Self-Help Memoir You'll Ever Read".

In this episode, we speak with Alice about her process writing the book as well as her experiences in yoga teacher training. We also learn about how Alice dealt with an eating disorder and the commonalities between her yoga teacher training with the 12 step recovery program.

We discuss perfectionism in the yoga world and talk about what being a bad yogi really means.

Please be advised that we discuss sexual abuse in the yoga community and an episode of indecent exposure. This content may be triggering for some.


Website: http://alice-williams.com/bad-yogi/
Book: http://alice-williams.com/bad-yogi/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alice_v_williams/

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2:19 Alice tells us about her background growing up in Melbourne
3:05 Did Alice always know that she wanted to write?
6:51 How yoga works on the teacher as well as the students?
7:07 How Alice discovered yoga in Williamstown
8:50 Alice thinks about teacher training
9:55 What spurred Alice into making the ultimate white girl life change (becoming a yoga teacher)?
10:12 Starting a career in television.
12:23 Alice describes the teacher training course she chose and the mix of teachers from different lineages
14:08 How yoga helps us navigate the storms of life!
16:45 The parallels between doing a 12 step program and yoga teacher training.
20:13 How did Alice reconcile being an atheist with the concept of a higher power?
21:50 Alice’s story about seeing the divine in everything.
23:13 “What a cosmic antidote to a sex predator”
25:27 Did Alice have any dilemmas on what to leave in her memoir and what to change?
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33:37 Did writing Bad Yogi feel like a continuation of Alice’s teacher training and recovery?
34:48 “Writing is a spiritual practice for me - I feel really wanky saying that”
35:07 “Teach from the scars not the wounds”
38:17 Was there a particular moment that inspired Alice to write the book?
39:33 Perfection and perfectionism - the shadow side of the yoga community.
43:42 Alice speaks about her experiences at an ashram and the abuse that she discovered there in her later research
45:51 The true meaning of “Bad Yogi”
48:51 How do we navigate group mentality when it arises?
52:20 Is the humour a way of masking vulnerability?
54:57 Has Alice’s opinion of the yoga world changed since writing Bad Yogi?
1:00:00 Alice’s one core lesson for the world
1:01:01 Our next episode!

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