Amy Bell - Meditation, Art, NLP and Technology

Episode 53

60 mins

Amy Bell - Meditation, Art, NLP and Technology

June 23, 2019

Amy Bell is a Melbourne based Coach, NLP trainer and facilitator, Artist and all-around wonderful person.
In this episode, we learn about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), it's history, where it differs from and how it can support meditation. Amy shares how she discovered this practice and how she uses it in her own life.

We also talk about the intersection between meditation and technology, and biofeedback devices such as the muse headset and heartmath. Amy also tells us how she has introduced these tools to kids and teens and how much fun they had. We also talk about the surrealists and some of these techniques they used to induce hypnogogic states to aid in creating their art.

We also question Amy about some of the pitfalls of NLP, including it's ability to be used for manipulation, and how she might deal with problematic clients.

This episode contains some discussion about genocide and child abuse in Cambodia, so please be advised.

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2:00 Amy talks about her background growing up in Sydney
4:16 What triggered Amy’s move to Melbourne?
4:49 Amy tells us what NLP means
6:36 Amy gives an example of how NLP has helped her in her own life.
7:23 What does “modelling” mean?
9:17 A brief history of NLP
13:19 The sales guys discover NLP
14:35 What piqued Amy’s interest in NLP?
19:15 “The mind is like a border collie”
19:29 How could NLP relate to meditation?
21:10 NLP and svadhyaya - self-study.
23:27 The downsides - the power of manipulation
27:15 Amy Bell’s upcoming workshop at Garden of Yoga
28:20 Medical horror stories
30:36 False positivity.
32:32 Are there contraindications for NLP? Should some people just stay away from it?
34:40 How could this affect people with mental health issues?
36:16 Green gecko. Visiting Cambodia
40:50 Amy’s art exhibition
42:47 How the surrealists used the hypnogogic state.
43:57 How NLP can help with motivation to reach a deadline
45:21 The intersection of meditation and technology
48:20 The muse headband
52:02 The Thrive program - meditation, technology and teens
54:58 Amy talks about her upcoming workshop at Garden of Yoga

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