Amy Weintraub - Writing the Temple Dancer

Episode 94

63 mins

Amy Weintraub - Writing the Temple Dancer

December 13, 2020

In this episode, we speak to Amy Weintraub. Amy is the author of Temple Dancer, a fascinating story about the tradition of the Deva desi, as well as the nature of creativity, sacred sexuality and two women living in very different times who’s stories intertwine.

Amy Weintraub is also the creator of Lifeforce yoga - accessible yoga for anxiety and depression, so we also explore mental health and how it informs her writing.

You may also know Amy’s other books which include Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists

We begin by talking to Amy about her earlier life as an award-winning but depressed television producer, how she discovered yoga and how she is using these practices to help her navigate the challenges of 2020.

We also discuss the inspiration and research that went into creating Temple Dancer. We have an in depth discussion about the themes of Temple Dancer, Amy’s research and creative process, including thoughts around writing about another culture.


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1:30 Amy tells us about her background and where she grew up
4:07 Amy tells us about an early mentor
7:55 About depression and anxiety
11:35 Has anything changed in Amy's practice since the advent of COVID-19?
14:50 Outdoor walks
22:00 About the book Temple Dancer
27:34 Support us on Patreon
32:19 Was it a difficult book to write?
37:05 The nuance of the lives of Deva dasi
48:00 On cultural appropriation
1:30:00 What is Amy's core lesson for the world?
1:02:18 Next week's episode Marsha Banks-Harold

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