Episode 45

59 mins

Amy Wheeler - Yoga Therapy, Sleep and Anxiety

March 3, 2019

Amy Wheeler is a Yoga Therapist, holds a PhD in Educational Psychology, a sports psychologist and the developer of Optimal State system of health and healing. Amy is also President of the Board of Directors to the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Amy is a leader in the field of yoga therapy, so this is a conversation you’ll want to hear.

We speak with Amy about her journey of discovering yoga, and how she came from a background working in sports psychology to eventually become a yoga therapist. We learn about anxiety, the relationship between anxiety and sleep, and how yoga and yoga therapy may help. We get a great reminder of the scope of practice of yoga teachers and therapists, and how we can best serve students or clients who may be struggling.

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Amy Wheeler's website: https://amywheeler.com
Assessing and Balancing the Human System: https://www.janetlowndes.com.au/amy-wheeler-workshop


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2:23 Amy’s background, growing up as a PK (Pastor’s kid)
3:19 Amy became a sports psychologist
4:12 How Amy discovered yoga
6:01 On sports culture
6:45 How different was Amy’s sports psychology practice from her yoga therapy?
8:04 Has Amy always had the ability to break down complex issues into digestable bites or is it a skill that developed over time?
9:14 Amy gives an example of how she would work with someone who has many complex issues as a yoga therapist
11:26 Is it Amy’s experience that people are more likely to seek help for a physical ailment than a psychological one?
13:57 What is Amy’s process like when working with clients on a yoga therapy basis?
17:33 It’s not an assessment, it’s a co-negotiation.
18:34 The connection between insomnia and anxiety
21:28 Does Amy have any advice or tips for people caught up in a cycle of insomnia?
24:38 More tips to help you get to sleep - golden milk, warm showers, no electronics in the bedroom!
25:24 Exciting news - we are launching a patreon!
26:44 Is anxiety on the increase, or is it just better diagnosed now?
28:34 What are the changes they are seeing in the brain scans of young people - what changes are beneficial, and what changes are not so good?
30:18 What practices are more beneficial for individuals with anxiety, and what are not so beneficial?
33:46 What are great practices to do in the morning?
36:50 Does Amy have advice for people who are using SSRI’s but may need help with managing the effects?
39:46 Does Amy have any advice for teachers who are working with students facing anxiety, and perhaps experiencing new sensations in their mind and body?
45:05 Does Amy have any practices for her own self-care and wellbeing?
49:22 Amy talks about her upcoming workshop in Melbourne
51:20 Amy is working on an app!
53:38 What is the core thing Amy would like to express in her teachings?
55:03 Outro and thanks to our Patreon supporters

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