Andrew Keast - Jnana Yoga, Identity and Refugees

Episode 7

67 mins

Andrew Keast - Jnana Yoga, Identity and Refugees

October 29, 2017

This episode we have a conversation with the delightful Andrew Keast. Andrew is a man we’ve known for a very short amount of time, but he is already a good friend to the Flow Artists Team. He is open, curious and powerfully introspective. In this conversation we talk about jnana yoga - the yoga of wisdom or knowledge, and how it’s skillful use raises issues of identity, self esteem and finding your place in the world - themes that have already come up in this podcast many times.

We also discuss Andrew’s background and about how living with an open and receptive heart can lead to a vocation that is truly in alignment with your core values. Finally, we discuss his current role of “Storyteller” with Refugee Talent. In this role Andrew works to help refugees find employment, and we learn how the situations these people are facing can have devastating effects on their own identities.

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