Anu - Queer and Trans-Inclusive Yoga

Episode 13

72 mins

Anu - Queer and Trans-Inclusive Yoga

December 18, 2017

This episode features a recorded conversation between myself, Jo Stewart and Anu. Anu is a non-binary person whose pronouns are they/them. Anu teaches a queer and trans inclusive yoga class at dance of life in Fitzroy, Melbourne, as well as yoga in a retirement village. They are considering further training in yoga therapy and trauma sensitive yoga.

We believe that yoga is a gift to the world and that everybody who wants to should have access to yoga, and feel welcomed and comfortable in every class. There are some simple steps yoga, movement and meditation teachers can take that will aid in this, so we feel the information and perspective that Anu gives in this episode is really important.

Other topics we cover in this episode include how yoga and meditation can help activists, and Anu also discusses their work with seniors.

Anu’s QTI class is at Dance of Life, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Thursdays 7.45pm

For further information on queer and trans identity here are some resources:

Picks of the week:

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RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees is the first refugee and asylum seeker organisation in Australia to be run and governed by refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees -

If you would like to register your concerns about the humanitarian crisis on Manus Island:

The Prime Minister’s Office - 0262777700
Bill Shorten’s Office - 0262774022

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