Carla Mullins - Pilates, Changing Lives and Creating the Makarlu

Episode 71

57 mins

Carla Mullins - Pilates, Changing Lives and Creating the Makarlu

December 15, 2019

Carla Mullins is an ex-lawyer turned pilates and movement teacher and creator of the Makarlu Lotus.
In our conversation with Carla, we hear about how she discovered pilates while dealing with some serious health issues and how this has inspired her to help others.

We also hear about how her partner had a severe cycling accident and how this inspired the creation of the Makarlu - a versatile tool for self-massage, stability and proprioception exercises.
Carla tells us how the makarlu has great applications for aiding people with peripheral neuropathy or other neurological conditions.

Finally, we learn the amount of work it takes to bring a product such as the makarlu to market. Hint: a lot.

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1:10 Carla’s masterclass at Garden of Yoga
2:25 How did Carla discover Pilates?
4:10 How Carla sees Pilates
4:53 What was the key thing that Carla thinks Pilates helped her with?
7:34 What is the makarlu, and what inspired Carla to create it?
10:11 Carla’s partner has a cycling accident.
16:12 When did the nesting idea become part of the makarlu?
17:59 How the makarlu can help people with peripheral neuropathy.
23:44 It’s not just a trigger (point) tool
24:22 Midroll - support us on patreon!
25:45 Does Carla have advice for anyone thinking of creating and selling their own product?
34:57 Winning the Good design award
37:47 The story of the nuns and the makarlu
45:57 Does Carla consider what she does Pilates, or just movement?
48:08 How does Carla find her clients?
53:30 Does Carla have any self-care strategies in place?
55:20 What is Carla’s one core lesson for the world?
56:00 Next years first episode - Michelle Cassandra Johnson

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