Cate Peterson - Yoga, Activism and Service

Episode 82

58 mins

Cate Peterson - Yoga, Activism and Service

May 31, 2020

Cate Peterson is a yoga teacher, activist and the driving force behind LovEarth, YogaHive and Get Off Your Asana.

Cate has done a lot of work around building relationships between the yoga community and the Aboriginal community in Australia, helping with projects such as Yoga on Country and the Reciprocity Action Plan group in collaboration with Yoga Australia.

In this episode, we hear how Cate discovered yoga, how she became involved in activism and community work. We talk about how yoga and social justice are inextricably linked, and how Cate practices self-care while juggling all of these different projects.

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1:46 An update from Cate
4:30 Cate’s background
5:17 How did Cate discover yoga?
6:57 Occupational therapy - Cate’s experiences.
8:38 Has it informed how she teaches her classes now?
9:20 Who are Cate’s key teachers?
10:20 Activism - Local exchange and trading system.
13:20 Is social justice and environmentalism an inherent part of yoga?
15:47 How to deal with overwhelm as an activist.
16:53 Was there a singular event that led Cate towards being a yoga teacher?
18:23 Yoga on Country
24:01 The Aboriginal aspects of Yoga on Country
27:10 Has Cate been able to connect with many Aboriginal yoga teachers?
28:11 What was the process of reaching out to Aboriginal teachers like?
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31:14 Future projects
33:35 How to find out more about the teachers involved.
34.22 YogaPass/YogaHive
42:32 The Yogi Project
44:05 How do you balance making classes accessible with making a living as a yoga teacher?
46:38 LovEarth Yoga mats
51:01 Does Cate have any self-care practices?
52:12 How does Cate stay organised with all of her projects?
55:09 What is Cate’s one core lesson for the world?
57:25 Our next episode - Jordan Ashley.

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