Claire Cunneen - Chair Yoga - Take a Comfortable Seat

Episode 40

54 mins

Claire Cunneen - Chair Yoga - Take a Comfortable Seat

December 23, 2018

Claire Cunneen is a Sydney based Yoga and Pilates Teacher, a yoga therapist and has a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. She also facilitates teacher trainings in LV Chair Yoga - the subject of this episode. Like us, Claire is passionate about making yoga more accessible, so we had a lot to talk about!

In this episode we learn about Claire's background growing up in Sydney, and how the classic TV show Aerobics Aus-style instilled a passion for exercise and fitness. We learn what drew her to yoga, and chair yoga in particular.

Claire tells us what Chair Yoga is, and why it's so important to be able to provide a style of yoga that is accessible for people of all body types and abilities. We also discuss some of the challenges and rewards that come from working with people who may be going through big changes in their bodies.

Finally, Claire tells us about her new Chair Yoga DVD that is available now!

We are also very excited to talk about an upcoming Chair Yoga Teacher Training hosted by Claire at our Studio Garden of Yoga!


Claire's Website:

Chair Yoga Teacher Training at Garden of Yoga:

Beyond Asana • The Journey of Awakening via Tantra Yoga with Kara-Leah Grant:

Claire and Jo:


Click on a timecode to play from that time in the recording.

1:50 Claire’s LV Chair Yoga Training at Garden of Yoga
2:45 Claire’s background growing up and how Aerobics Aus Style helped get her interested in fitness.
5:16 Did Claire’s early dislike of sports feed into the way she teachers exercise and movement now?
7:14 On Teaching pilates
9:26 Any key teachers?
11:01 What drew Claire to Lakshmi’s trainings?
14:56 What is chair yoga and why is it so important?
18:21 Claire takes us through a short chair sequence for spinal mobility
22:40 Break - Beyond Asana workshop with Kara-Leah Grant at Garden of Yoga
23:34 Is it a challenge to come up with new moves for classes?
24:21 Claire takes us through some of the different type of classes she teaches
27:00 Claire shares how rewarding sharing this practice can be.
28:00 Does Claire use props other than the chair?
29:29 Are there any yoga postures that are harder to replicate in a chair (for example hip flexor stretches)?
34:28 Working with people who are going through big changes in their bodies.
36:20 Claire’s new Chair Yoga DVD
38:35 “Any chair anywhere!”
39:45 Where there any unexpected challenges while filming the DVD?
41:46 Does Claire teach people in wheelchairs?
43:57 What type of extra precautions might you need to take when working with individuals with severe spinal injuries, who are wheelchair bound?
47:10 Do you find some people with these conditions are open to the more subtle practice, or do they just want to move their bodies?
49:20 Claire tells us about the Chair Yoga teacher trainings
50:30 The essence of Claire’s teachings

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