Claire Holloway - Yogic Philosophy and Parenthood

Episode 134

59 mins

Claire Holloway - Yogic Philosophy and Parenthood

December 3, 2023

In this episode we speak with Claire Holloway, the founder of the Center for Bright Beginnings and co creator of the Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood course, alongside Ana Davis and Nadine O’Mara of Bliss Baby Yoga. Claire is passionate about integrating Yoga Philosophy into our experience of life and especially parenthood.

Now as you probably know, Jo and I don’t have kids ourselves, but we had so much to talk about with Claire, especially around the intersection of yoga and social justice. We talk about honouring yoga’s South Asian roots and considerations of cultural appropriation and Claire’s work to form a Reconciliation Action Plan for Yoga Australia, as well as how we are all feeling about the Voice referendum.

One question we also asked Claire was about how to talk to your children about war and genocide, so we do want to give that content advisement.

Although we talk about some serious topics, we found this to be a very inspiring and uplifting conversation, and we really value and appreciate the chance to dig into and discuss yogic philosophy as a path of understanding and towards living ethically in our world today.

Claire wanted to note that it was actually Dana Raphael who coined the term matrescence, rather than Aurelie Athan.

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