Claire Nettley - Yoga Australia, Marketing and Defining Boundaries

Episode 70

56 mins

Claire Nettley - Yoga Australia, Marketing and Defining Boundaries

December 8, 2019

Claire Nettley is a yoga and meditation teacher, former president of Yoga Australia and a prolific writer, having her work featured in Women’s Health Magazine, Australian Yoga Life and more.

In this episode we discuss Claire's background growing up in the Salisbury region of England, and we learn about her professional life working in marketing. We hear about how Claire was introduced to yoga after a back injury and what lead her to do her yoga teacher training.

We learn about her time as president of Yoga Australia and how her expertise in marketing and PR moved the organisation forward. Throughout this episode, Claire gives great advice on marketing your own small business, from defining your audience through to working out what channels might work best for you.

This episode is released in partnership with Yoga Australia, and December marks the 20 year anniversary of the organisation. Happy Anniversary Yoga Australia!

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1:45 Our newest Patreon supporter Cate Peterson
2:32 Claire tells us about her background growing up in the Salisbury region of the UK.
4:17 Claire’s background in business and marketing
4:35 How did Claire discover Yoga?
7:15 What lead Claire to becoming a yoga teacher?
8:09 How did Claire become involved in Yoga Australia?
9:07 How does the Role of Vice President differ from President?
9:52 Working on PR for Yoga Australia
14:43 Putting yourself out there on social media
18:10 Determining who your audience is.
24:14 What were Claire’s primary motivations for becoming president of Yoga Australia
24:48 What were Claire’s biggest challenges while president?
27:15 The makarlu - use the code MAKFLOW to get a 5% discount
29:00 Claire’s personal challenges in the role of President
32:06 What does Claire feel were her biggest successes in the role?
36:02 Is Claire still connected with Yoga Australia?
36:41 What are the biggest challenges for Yoga Australia moving forward?
38:02 What are the biggest challenges for yoga teachers moving forward, and how can Yoga Australia support them in that?
40:56 Does Yoga Australia fill a similar role to a union?
43:18 Where does Claire see Yoga Australia being in the next 10-20 years?
47:00 On writing
52:00 On goals
53:00 What is the one core lesson that Claire would like to share with the world?
54:50 Outro - Next episode, Carla Mullins

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