Conor O'Shea - Movement, Autonomy and Awareness

Episode 21

77 mins

Conor O'Shea - Movement, Autonomy and Awareness

April 2, 2018

Conor O’Shea is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition coach, and Yoga teacher from Ireland, currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Conor is also a certified GMB trainer - which is one aspect of his work which particularly interested us.
GMB is a training method that incorporates yoga, martial arts, physiotherapy, gymnastics and mindful movement. As we will hear in the podcast Rane has a personal interest in this methodology!

In this conversation, we learn how Conor discovered yoga, and how a trip to India changed his perspective on movement, physical exercise, meditation and life. We hear about his approach to nutrition and coaching, and how he cultivates positive habits in his clients, helping them build an awareness of where they might be at a particular point in time. This leads into his personal philosophy on living a happy and healthy life, and he shares some wisdom he learned on his life journey.

This is another fascinating episode, and we just love Conor and his laidback, realistic and holistic style of yoga, movement and nutrition.

Conor’s Website:


Pick of the Week:
Conor’s Focused Flexibility Workshop:
GMB’s 2 Day Seminar Brisbane:

Rane: Women's AFL

Finally join Jo and Rane for their Yoga for Digestive Ease workshop at Pinnacle Wellness in Upwey, Melbourne:
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