Cora Geroux - The Yoga Industry: Teachers, Studios & the Future

Episode 84

67 mins

Cora Geroux - The Yoga Industry: Teachers, Studios & the Future

June 28, 2020

Cora Geroux is a yoga teacher, former studio owner, and the host of the Teaching Yoga podcast.
Cora originally hails from Canada and is now based in Sydney, Australia. Cora has been teaching yoga & leading yoga teacher trainings since 2009. Before which, she obtained a BA in psychology from Simon Fraser University. Cora was also the co-owner of two small yoga studios for 3 years, before she left to create her current business that truly aligned with her values of integrity, inclusivity and accessibility.

In this episode, we learn about how Cora discovered yoga and what lead her to become a yoga teacher.
We also speak about her work now, mentoring teachers and producing her podcast.

We have an important discussion about issues in the yoga industry that devalue teachers and also create challenges for studio owners. We also speak about how the advent of COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the yoga industry.


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2:29 Cora tells us about her background growing up in Canada
5:30 How yoga helped with Cora’s mental health.
6:11 Cora’s first yoga teacher training in Las Vegas
7:00 What were Cora’s early experiences of yoga like?
10:16 Why did Cora decide to be a yoga teacher?
12:45 How systemic issues in the yoga industry devalue teachers.
14:00 Cora talks about her experiences as a studio owner.
16:52 Challenges for the yoga industry as a whole.
18:56 The average yoga teaching pay rate per class hasn’t changed in 15 years.
21:55 Spiritual bypassing in the yoga industry.
28:53 Does Cora have any advice for teachers to promote themselves in a way that isn’t disrespectful to other studios they may be teaching at?
30:25 Cora’s strategy for marketing herself
34:08 Has Cora done training in marketing?
38:12 Does Cora believe that COVID-19 will be the end of brick and mortar yoga studios?
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43:31 Will shifts in the industry benefit independent teachers vs studios?
45:52 What are Cora’s thoughts/advice when it comes to reopening.
52:00 Continuing to teach online
55:25 Cora’s advice for when life doesn’t go to plan.
58:25 What inspired Cora to start the Teaching Yoga podcast?
1:02:05 Why does Cora think she needs more training to be a journalist?
1:05:14 What is Cora’s one core lesson for the world?
1:06:00 Next week’s episode - Alice Williams, Author of Bad Yogi

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