Daisy Catterall - Building Inclusive Online Communities

Episode 89

53 mins

Daisy Catterall - Building Inclusive Online Communities

October 4, 2020

Daisy Catterall is a queer Maori woman living on Gadigal land in Sydney. She is a yoga teacher who has created a wonderfully inclusive community in these challenging pandemic times with her offering Feel Free Yoga.
In this conversation, we hear about Daisy's childhood growing up in the Gold Coast before moving to a remote town. She shares how her feelings of being isolated during her younger life encouraged her to use the internet as a powerful tool for creating an online community.
Daisy shares her experiences taking her classes online - including how she uses language to create a welcoming and inclusive experience. One of the beautiful aspects of Daisy's teaching is how she weaves acknowledgement of country into the beginning of her classes. She also has sliding scale prices and an invitation for Aboriginal participants to practice for free.
We loved hearing about how Daisy has worked to make these practices more accessible for the LGBTQI and BIPOC communities and she has some great advice for other teachers.

For more from Daisy, check out her Instagram:
and her website: https://www.feelfreeyoga.space/

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2:30 Daisy tells us about her background
3:41 Daisy’s first yoga class
5:17 When did Daisy decide she wanted to become a teacher?
8:16 Talking about how yoga is portrayed in the media. What were Daisy’s real life experiences?
11:09 The importance of practicing in a supportive community.
11:38 You don’t really know what you want if it’s not there to want.
12:54 The BLM movement and the writing of Adrienne Maree Brown
15:46 Moving from teaching in person to online - how does Daisy work to create an inclusive and supportive community.
16:42 How the internet has allowed LGBTQI+ people who are geographically isolated to practice together in a way that would not have been possible before.
18:07 How does Daisy structure the level of interaction in her online classes.
19:33 How Daisy sets up zoom.
20:44 How Daisy manages her energy levels when teaching online
24:28 The case for demonstrating postures when teaching online
27:48 Our Patreon page!
28:41 How does Daisy use language to help people feel comfortable in the class?
30:00 Daisy’s acknowledgement of country and what makes it important to her.
35:58 Daisy’s advice for teachers who might be new to an acknowledgement of country.
38:26 How Daisy developed her pricing structure.
44:49 How Daisy does her admin (hint: coffee required)
45:16 Will Daisy continue her classes online after COVID-19?
47:15 How natural does Daisy feel sharing online?
50:12 What is the one core lesson that Daisy would like to share with the world?
52:03 Next week’s episode Marlee Silva

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