Deanne Love - Hoops, Empathy, Freedom & Cats

Episode 130

58 mins

Deanne Love - Hoops, Empathy, Freedom & Cats

August 13, 2023

We are very excited to share our conversation with Deanne Love of hooplovers - a true icon of flow!
Deanne has long been a source of inspiration to Jo - starting from her in person classes at Irene Warehouse, to observing how she has continually evolved her offerings, always leading with creativity and integrity.

Deanne has been a full time hoop teacher since 2009. She was previously a primary school teacher and also holds a business degree. We hear about how she combines knowledge from all of these fields with her passion and excitement for life itself.

Deanne was also an early adapter to teaching online, and has lots of insights to share about how to connect and communicate, as well as how to sustainably manage your own energy.

Listeners in Narm/Melbourne - Deanne is running a live all levels hooping workshop on September 1st in Brunswick (bookings link below). EMBODY is an immersive experience guided by music (Frizzy McGuire will be djing) to activate your connection and body intelligence. Inspiring, ecstatic and rhythmic movements that make space for full expression. A journey towards dialling down an overactive mind and turning up your body voice. Sooth your nervous system, smooth out your hooping and feel the ripple effect of this connection.

workshop link:

Friends of Flow

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