Dee Dussault - Cannabis, Yoga and Racial Justice

Episode 103

46 mins

Dee Dussault - Cannabis, Yoga and Racial Justice

July 19, 2021

Dee Dussault is an internationally known yoga teacher, sensuality coach, and is the author of Ganja Yoga book. She also extensively promotes anti-racism work, so we were very interested to get her perspectives on everything from yoga, cultural appropriation, the racism inherent to the war on drugs, and much more.

We have said that we are branching out from yoga-themed episodes, but we really think that the work that Dee Dussault is doing is very interesting and she is working with a side of yoga that has been relatively unexplored in the west.

We know this is a topic that people may have strong opinions on and we would love to hear from you - you can comment below or join us on Facebook in the Flow artists podcast group - let us know your thoughts!

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