Donna Sparx - Hooping and Creative Expression

Episode 12

53 mins

Donna Sparx - Hooping and Creative Expression

December 4, 2017

Donna Sparx is a Melbourne based Hoop Dance teacher with a highly organised yet uniquely creative approach.

In this conversation, we hear about Donna’s background in sculpture, creative writing and youth work, and how these disciplines inform her teaching today.

Donna goes on to tell us how she was introduced to hooping through the Women's Circus, and how her initial thoughts on that "little plastic circle" were less than favourable.

We learn how Donna’s teaching approach uses play as a foundation for learning and connection and how she encourages individual expression through movement and flow.

We also learn about some of the handy systems Donna has devised over the years to help her manage her busy schedule, including some practical healthy eating tips for people on the go.

There is some great information in this podcast, so be sure to listen right to the end!


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