Dr Kathryn Schmitz - Moving Through Cancer

Episode 106

58 mins

Dr Kathryn Schmitz - Moving Through Cancer

October 10, 2021

Dr Kathryn Schmitz is a clinical exercise oncology researcher and has also had personal experience supporting her wife Sara through cancer, including multiple surgeries and failed reconstructive surgeries on her nose. Her latest book draws on both her professional and personal experiences to create an invaluable resource!

Moving through Cancer gives very clear, evidence based guidance, but also heartfelt support for people living with cancer and their caregivers.

As long time listeners of the podcast may know, in 2015 Rane was diagnosed with Stomach cancer, and later that year my stomach was removed. Yoga and other exercise played a huge roll in his recovery and even though he had a wonderful medical team, we were actually surprised at how hard it was to find out information on the right type of movement and exercise to help with his recovery.

Our guest this episode, Dr Kathryn Schmitz has just published a fantastic book called ‘Moving through Cancer’ which is going to really help people feel as well as possible, for before, during and after treatment.


Moving Through Cancer: https://www.movingthroughcancer.com/

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