Dr Scott Lyons - Co Creating an Embodied Flow

Episode 54

62 mins

Dr Scott Lyons - Co Creating an Embodied Flow

July 7, 2019

Dr Scott Lyons is a Clinical Psychologist, Osteopath, and Mind-Body Medicine practitioner who specializes in therapies for infants, youth, and adults. Scott is also the co-creator of embodied flow along with Tara Judelle, so we were super excited to get the chance to have a conversation with him.

In this conversation, we learn about Scott's background growing up in Minnesota and California, and we hear about the way he experienced the world as a child. We also learn about his education, including studying at College at the young age of 16! We learn about how he discovered yoga while at College, and how it integrated much of what he was learning about himself and the world.

We explore non-dual tantra philosophy, and how it can be expressed and experienced in a yoga class. We hear about how Scott met Tara Judelle and how this lead to them co-creating Embodied Flow. Finally, we get to hear Dr Scott's thoughts on trauma and trauma-informed practices.

Website: https://www.drscottlyons.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/drscottlyons
An Embodied Flow Experience: https://www.patreon.com/posts/28208165

Suspended Sound: https://www.gardenofyoga.com.au/workshops/suspended-sound/
Community Classes at Garden of Yoga: https://www.gardenofyoga.com.au/classes/community-classes/
Studio Birthday Party: https://www.gardenofyoga.com.au/workshops/studio-birthday-party/


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2:50 Scott’s background growing up in Minnesota, and later California
3:50 Deciding to be a biochemist at the age of 5
6:13 Where did Scott’s deep desire to learn come from?
6:58 When did Scott discover yoga, and how does that fit in with all the other modalities he has learned?
9:22 What inspired Scott to co-create Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle?
10:24 Literally stumbling into a body-mind centering class
16:30 What does an Embodied Flow class look like?
18:31 How intensive is the training?
26:00 Mid break
28:27 Scott explains the investigation of the observer state
29:55 How does Scott find a way to “drop in” when things are maybe a little more challenging / How do we build resilience?
32:24 Does Scott have a way of guiding people through free flowing embodied movement without it feeling either too awkward or like a performance?
35:22 Can we reverse the question - why is it awkward?
38:56 Does Scott feel that a trauma informed practice could be stronger and more dynamic?
43:40 Somatic stress release
46:23 Scott talks about his upcoming visit to Australia and New Zealand
47:32 Is there a single thread that runs through Scotts work despite his many and varied qualifications
49:42 What is the one core lesson that Scott would like to share with the world?

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