Ella Noah Bancroft - Living with Integrity

Episode 69

41 mins

Ella Noah Bancroft - Living with Integrity

December 1, 2019

Ella Noah Bancroft is a Yoga teacher, artist, sexuality coach and an environmental and indigenous rights activist.

In our conversation with Ella, we hear about her life growing up the daughter of a famous Aboriginal artist, and how she was raised on country in New South Wales after relocating from Sydney. We hear how Ella weaves together Indigenous philosophy with her yoga practice, while remaining authentic to both traditions. We hear about her perspective navigating the world as a queer black woman and how it has shaped her philosophy and approach to life today.

Ella is passionate about sustainability and has created a fashion label (YHI creations) that reflects her values. Finally, we hear about The Returning, a festival/retreat inspired by the concept of sacred women's business and how she makes this event sustainable on an environmental and community level.

Ella's Website: https://www.ellanoahbancroft.net/
Ella's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellanoahbancroft_/
The Returning: https://www.thereturning.com.au/

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1:59 Ella tells us about her background - born in Sydney before relocating to rural NSW
4:43 Was Ella raised with much aboriginal spirituality in her home life?
6:18 Was creativity a big part of Ella’s upbringing?
7:32 How did Ella discover yoga?
8:07 What inspired Ella to want to teach yoga?
9:39 Did Ella encounter resistance while trying to introduce yoga to her family.
12:39 Does Ella weave her indigenous spirituality into her yoga practice and teaching?
14:02 How the Rainbow Serpent and the chakra system might relate.
16:52 How does Ella weave all of her different roles together?
19:29 On being an indigenous voice in the world of sexuality coaching / tantra.
20:29 On being told she is too white to be Aboriginal or too pretty to be gay.
22:30 Does Ella still get pushback when she speaks about her heritage or sexuality?
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26:30 Does Ella have any self-care practices to help prevent burnout?
27:44 Is it a challenge maintaining a stable income while carrying out all of these projects?
29:20 Ella has written about the unconditional support of her family - is this an approach she weaves into her coaching?
30:38 Is Yoga a form of support for Ella in the way that she supports others?
32:16 How does Ella encourage an attitude of strong resolve in others?
32:58 Ella talks about her retreat - The Returning.
36:50 Is there an equivalent to the word arohanui (big love in Maori) in the Bundjalung language?
37:54 What is the one core essense of Ella’s teaching?

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