Emma Kenna - Staying in Flow When Your Business is You

Episode 48

73 mins

Emma Kenna - Staying in Flow When Your Business is You

April 14, 2019

Emma Kenna is a globetrotting hoop dance teacher from the UK who also holds a PhD in immunology. In this conversation, we learn all about what set her on the path she is on today as well as what it’s like running a business where you are essentially the product.

Emma travels the world teaching hoop dance full time and we talk about some of the misconceptions that people may have about this lifestyle and how she makes it work.

We also talk about staying inspired and keeping your workload sustainable when you're a one-person operation and the importance of delegating.

Emma has lots of great advice which would definitely apply to yoga teachers or anyone else who is running their own small business.

Congratulations go to Barbara Courtille will be receiving a signed copy of The Good Hustle by Polly McGee!


Emma's Website: http://www.hoopingmad.co.uk/
Emma's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hoopingmad/

Our Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/flowartistspodcast
Amy Wheeler Workshop: https://www.janetlowndes.com.au/amy-wheeler-workshop
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0:34 The Good Hustle book giveaway winner!
0:52 Our first transcribed episode - Amy Wheeler
2:20 Emma’s background growing up in the UK
3:20 How did Emma discover hooping?
8:12 Did Emma’s initial reluctance to pick up the hoop help give her strategies to motivate other people?
9:59 How people who are naturally flexible or strong aren’t necessarily the best yoga or hoop teachers
10:22 Find your super-power!
13:10 Did Emma have to hone her ability to be able to spot ways people can improve their hooping at a glance?
14:14 “Teaching beginners is the best way of becoming a better teacher”
18:00 What Jo and Emma love about hooping.
21:10 The difference between hooping and dancing.
22:10 About our Patreon, and shout-outs for our supporters!
23:10 The supportive nature of the hoop community.
25:12 “The hoop community has been my home for the last 7 years”
27:34 What did Emma’s family think about her moving from a science career to hooping?
34:42 On not having the expense of rent or a mortgage
38:49 On delegating your work.
41:00 On setting up a class based on someone asking for it.
48:17 Potential pitfalls of hiring a friend to help you - setting boundaries.
52:00 When you are the product you are selling.
57:12 Teaching hooping for different learning styles.
1:00:14 On starting her own hoop festival - SWHoop festival
1:08:16 Constantly sharing on social media.
1:10:58 What is the core thing that Emma would like to share with the world?

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