Episode 119

55 mins

Esme Dark - Psychology, psilocybin and the power of play

August 23, 2022

For today’s episode we are speaking with Dr Esme Dark - Esme is a clinical psychologist, originally trained in the UK but now based in Melbourne, Australia.

She has a holistic and somatic based approach and a long interest in working with trauma and transcultural mental health having worked clinically with Refugee and Asylum Seekers in the UK, Thailand and Australia.

Esme is currently working in the worlds first psilocybin clinical trial in the treatment of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Esme is involved in some amazing research and doing incredible work, so we were absolutely thrilled to get the chance to speak with her.

Esme's website: https://www.esmedarkpsychology.com.au/
Clinical Psychedelic Research at Monash University:
Upcoming workshops: https://www.esmedarkpsychology.com.au/events

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