Episode 3

61 mins

Eugenie Knox Pt 2

October 8, 2017

Welcome back for the second and final part of our chat with Eugenie Knox. We find out what happened at the grand opening of Dance of Life Studio on Smith Street in Fitzroy and the sad ending to the chapter of Rainbow the Clown.
Eugenie tells us about how she learned of Amma, and became a lifelong devotee. We also will hear about Yogafest Retreat, and why you should come along!
She also talks briefly about the process of writing her memoirs.
Stay till the end where you get to hear my terrible rendition of the Lokah peace chant, and then finally our picks of the week!

Rane’s pick of the week - Mastering the Core teachings of the Buddha by Dan Ingram

Eugenie's pick of the week - Isadora by Amelia Gray

Yogafest Retreat in Somers - http://yogafestretreat.com/

Music is used with permission by Ghostsoul - buy his music at https://ghostsoul.bandcamp.com/

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