Gabrielle Boswell - Slow Down and Find Balance

Episode 58

56 mins

Gabrielle Boswell - Slow Down and Find Balance

September 1, 2019

Gabrielle is a yoga teacher, a yoga therapist and director of the Bhava Yoga and dance centre in Warrendyke, Victoria, Australia. Gabrielle is also on the board of Yoga Australia. She is a highly respected teacher, and Rane got to know her a little better through satsangs he attended, hosted by Leigh Blashki and Janet Lowndes. She has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, and always contributed with her many deep insights to the conversations, so we really wanted to speak with her for the podcast.

In this episode we learn about Gabrielle's background, growing up in Melbourne and how she developed an early interest in physical movement. We hear how she moved from a career in Insurance after finding joy in yoga and wanting to share that experience with the world. We learn about her philosophy of yoga and how she has recently developed a rich and deep regular meditation practice.

Finally, we learn about how yoga, meditation and even the process of teaching yoga have helped her traverse the ups and downs of life.

Gabrielle's calm and peaceful nature permeate the entire episode, so you'll definitely want to give it a listen.

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1:59 No stomach for cancer fundraiser classes
2:54 Gabrielle’s background growing up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and how her interest in movement began.
4:25 Working in insurance.
5:30 Was there a teacher that inspired Gabrielle in the direction of exercise and movement?
6:19 When did Gabrielle discover yoga?
7:53 What style did Gabrielle do her training in?
8:41 What moved Gabrielle to a more gentle style of practice?
9:46 Did Gabrielle do any dance at all?
11:49 How does Gabrielle encourage flowing movement in students who may be newer to moving?
13:12 Rane remembers trying to practice along to a Shiva Rea DVD many years ago...
15:53 Does Gabrielle plan her classes?
19:57 Did Gabrielle have any key teachers at Bhava that drew her there? The Bhava yoga style
23:15 Jo’s and Gabrielle reminisce about Mangala studio in Carlton
26:35 Break - please like share or subscribe!
27:17 Gabrielle talks about establishing a daily meditation practice
29:58 Has Gabrielle made use of any strategies to give herself enough time every day?
31:51 The freedom of “not knowing”
35:05 How does Gabrielle encourage students with a more athletic yoga background to soften in their practice?
42:00 Pelvic floor tension
43:52 Yoga and meditation helping through life’s tough times…
46:50 How Jo found teaching to be a great space for her while Rane was sick
51:20 The fine line between teacher and friend
53:38 Gabrielle’s one core lesson
54:59 Outro - next week’s episode

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