Gina Macauley - Authenticity, Ahimsa and Running a Yoga Business

Episode 41

58 mins

Gina Macauley - Authenticity, Ahimsa and Running a Yoga Business

January 6, 2019

Gina Macauley is a Yoga teacher, a qualified yoga therapist, and the owner of YogaHara, a yoga studio based in Bendigo, Victoria. In this conversation, we learn about Gina’s background, how she discovered yoga and decided it was the path for her.

We see Gina's commitment and love of Yoga philosophy in the way that she runs her business and lives her life. She also has a lot of really practical suggestions and great ideas including how she has used Facebook live to create an at-home practice option for her students.

We also discuss Gina's Adrenal healing workshops. As we learn in this episode, modern life can be very taxing on the adrenal system, so the kriya practised in this workshop can be really valuable.

Yoga Hara:

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2:26 Gina tells us about her background
2:56 How did Gina discover yoga?
4:07 Any key teachers?
5:11 What lead Gina to want to become a teacher?
10:53 What lead Gina towards yoga therapy?
11:45 What is the difference between going to a yoga class or a yoga therapy session?
14:50 Adrenal Healing Workshops
15:48 What is adrenal fatigue?
18:46 Finding an adrenal fatigue diagnosis
19:05 The adrenal fatigue kriya
21:48 Self care - personal yoga practice
23:18 A quick break
24:51 On having a solid grounding in functional anatomy
26:17 “Giving people permission to explore their own structure”
28:01 On filling up space with words
29:20 YogaHara at Home, and how Gina uses Facebook live
38:15 Tips for running family-friendly yoga classes
44:20 What is involved in running a yoga studio?
46:00 Building a referral network.
50:46 How do you decide what you are looking for when hiring yoga teachers?
54:26 What does Gina look for in a cold email?
55:54 Some closing thoughts from Gina

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