I'm a Yoga Teacher, Now What?

Episode 1

61 mins

I'm a Yoga Teacher, Now What?

October 7, 2017

For our first episode, we decided to start out with a chat between Jo and myself. The premise being that I am starting out as a new yoga teacher, and Jo offering advice, given her many years of experience in this profession.

We discuss issues that might affect new teachers, such as the following:

Legal Requirements.
How might I get work?
How many classes should I teach?
Should I quit my day job?
How much should I be getting paid?
The pros and cons of teaching at different kinds of locations.
Social media and building a website.
Should I be running courses?
How many trainings do I need?
The importance of being on time.

We cover a lot of ground in this podcast, and a lot of topics we cover could be episodes in their own right. If you would like us to drill into a particular topic, please let us know!

Picks of the week:
Jo - Insight Timer - https://insighttimer.com/
Rane - Anything by Andrew Holocek - http://www.andrewholecek.com/

Music is used with permission by Ghostsoul - buy his music at https://ghostsoul.bandcamp.com/

Until Next Time!

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