Introduction Episode

Episode 0.5

1 mins

Introduction Episode

September 15, 2017

Rerecorded for 2020!

Jo and Rane introduce themselves and describe what the podcast is about. Are you a Flow artist?

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Rane Hello, my name is Rane!

Jo: and I’m Jo!

Rane: and this is the Flow artists podcast

Jo: every episode we speak with inspiring movers, thinkers and teachers about how they find their flow and much much more.

Rane: Thats’ right, we speak with amazing yoga, meditation, movement teachers and activists from all around the world about their passions, their goals and how they spread their message.

Jo: We’re passionate about social justice, accessibility, body positivity and also how these teachers stay inspired and motivated to do their amazing work.

Rane: We ask some serious questions but we also have a lot of laughs. That’s because I have an amazing sense of humour, right Jo?

Jo: Well……

Rane: Anyway, we put out an episode every fortnight - hope you can join us! Arohanui

Jo: Big Big Love!

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