Episode 33

64 mins

J Brown - Yoga, Healing and Wholeness

September 16, 2018

J Brown is a Yoga Teacher, writer and host of J Brown’s Yoga talks. He is currently based in Pennsylvania, after relocating from the studio he ran in Brooklyn, New York City for many years.

J is a prolific blogger and writer - having contributed to sites such as Yoga Dork and Elephant Journal - writing many informative articles over the years on the state of Yoga.

His podcast is one of our must listens, and he has featured some of the worlds most well-known yoga teachers in very in depth and informative conversations. J Brown Yoga Talks is a huge influence on the Flow Artists Podcast, and probably one of the reasons it exists!

In this episode, we learn about J's Childhood, and how he was affected by the tragic death of his mother. We learn about how some of his early experiences in yoga lead him towards a path of injury. We learn how his encounters with an Indian Swami changed his approach to life and yoga. We also learn about how he navigates using online technology to share his knowledge while still maintaining personal connections within his classes. Finally, J shares how he structures and teaches a typical class in a way that allows him to personalise for each student, and how he now teaches a more gentle, accepting, non-dualist approach to yoga.

J Brown's website: https://www.jbrownyoga.com/
J on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jbrownyoga/
J's Upcoming visit to Australia: http://www.qiyoga.net/events/gentle-is-the-new-advanced-with-international-yoga-teacher-j-brown/

Tickets for Asher Packman's Event 'Blood Bath for BCAM':
Asher's Podcast Episode: https://podcast.flowartists.com/episodes/david-packman/


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2:35 Where J Grew up, and his background- his mothers tragic death
5:15 Was Yoga part of J’s path to healing?
7:20 “I would go to yoga classes every day” Starting at Jivamukti
8:20 Jivamukti develops “the method”. A turning point.
9:16 Yoga was becoming more commercial.
10:20 A Strong physical practice.
11:10 “I blew out my knee”
11:56 “You need to have better alignment”
14:29 “Great at handstanding, but everything else was falling apart”
15:10 What would young punk rock J Brown think of one of J’s current gentler classes?
16:10 J finds a swami in India who turns his yoga practice around. “He was unimpressed by my displays of physical prowess”
16:55 “How do you feel?”
18:42 A tantric view.
21:52 “I developed all these unhealthy patterns, due to my yoga practice”
23:34 “Where that information is going to come from, is inside me.”
26:05 Why J Uses a set sequence
27:50 “On some level it doesn’t matter what poses you do”
32:10 The state of yoga on the internet
37:12 Being the change you want to see in the world. On changing the conversation to what you would like to hear.
41:20 What does J think yoga teaching will look like in 20 years?
42:16 “Ways to use technology that separate us, and ways to use them that don’t”
43:45 Does J have advice for newer yoga teachers thinking of creating online content?
48:30 J Brown On having a script for your classes.
55:20 J Brown’s upcoming visits to Australia and New Zealand.
58:12 What is J’s core teaching?

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