Episode 18

79 mins

Janet Lowndes - Yoga, Psychology, Body Image and Wholeness

March 5, 2018

Janet Lowndes is a Melbourne based psychologist with over 25 years professional experience which includes psychological counselling, teaching, meditation training, and yoga therapy.

Her studies in yoga also go back 25 years - including time in the Swami Vivekananda Ashram in India. She is a registered senior teacher with Yoga Australia and is the director of the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy.

In this conversation, we talk about her background in psychology, how yoga evolved her approach and understanding of the mind, and how she marries the two worlds together.

We also talk about her important work with eating disorders and body image and how to thoughtfully use language in our yoga classes to help shape a culture of self-love and acceptance. Finally, we discuss how the body focused aspect of yoga that is presented in social media could potentially be damaging.

This was an amazing conversation, and as usual I am honored to have been part of it!

Janet's website: https://www.mindbodywell.com.au/
Yoga Psychology Training: https://www.yogapsychology.com.au/

Picks of the week:
Janet: Connecting - Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers and Therapists by Lucy Karnani and Jill Danks - http://www.yogacommunication.org/
Jo - Phillipa Stanton - https://www.instagram.com/5ftinf/

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