Episode 50

58 mins

Jivana Heyman - Accessible Yoga

May 12, 2019

For our very special 50th full-length episode, we have a very special guest! Jivana Heyman is a yoga teacher, a yoga therapist, the creator of the Accessible Yoga conferences that run all over the world and author of the forthcoming book “Accessible Yoga: Poses & Practices for Every Body.” This is a topic that is very important to Rane and Jo so we thought that Jivana would be the best possible guest to have for our 50th!

We both strongly believe that individuals in all types of bodies should be able to benefit from the gifts that yoga can provide. We really appreciate Jivana's work connecting a global community of teachers who share these goals.

In this episode, Jivana tells us about his early days practising yoga with his grandmother. We learn how his work as an AIDs activist informs his work today and how being isolated by geography encouraged him to build a community online. We also learn how he found true inspiration in highlighting the work of other great teachers.


Accessible Yoga: http://accessibleyoga.org/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jivanaheyman/

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3:14 Jivana’s background, growing up on the east coast before moving to California
3:25 How did Jivana discover yoga?
5:11 Was Jivana always drawn to an accessible yoga practice, or was this something that evolved over time?
5:20 Life in the mid 80’s - coming out and dealing with the AIDS epidemic.
6:48 How yoga was of benefit to people suffering from AIDS and their loved ones
8:43 AccessibleYoga.org’s mission today
10:26 The community aspect of teacher trainings.
11:26 Moving to southern California, away from his yoga family.
12:10 How Jivana transformed feelings of jealousy into positive action.
13:22 Jivana’s ability to share accessible yoga to connect a global community
15:09 About the Accessible Yoga conferences
18:06 The commercialisation of yoga.
19:58 What are some perceptions that might be blocking people’s access to yoga?
21:14 How do we make a sustainable living as yoga teachers while enabling it to be financially accessible for as many people as possible?
25:06 Some of Jivana’s strategies for teaching a group of people with diverse levels of ability?
27:40 Using your creativity as a teacher
28:45 A Short break - our Patreon Page!
30:10 How would you as a new teacher assess whether you have the skills to teach someone safely if they have a condition you are unfamiliar with, and how do you skillfully let them know if you feel unable to help them?
33:30 Scope of practice of a yoga teacher
37:58 Jivana talks about his forthcoming book.
39:23 What are the next steps for Accessible Yoga?
43:52 How important is it to represent the diversity of yoga online?
48:40 Running a not for profit
49:38 Has Jivana got any conferences planned in Australia?
50:36 Accessible Yoga groups on Facebook
52:40 Jivana turns our final question back on to us :)
54:08 What is the core essense of what Jivana want’s to bring into the world?

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