Episode 24

58 mins

Jo Buick - Trauma Informed Yoga

May 13, 2018

In this episode, we speak with Jo Buick on the concept and practice of Trauma-Informed Yoga.

Jo Buick is a much loved and well-respected yoga teacher and the Co-Founder of State of Being, a Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation that connects community organisations and groups with experienced yoga facilitators with the goal of making the tools of yoga, mindfulness and self-care practices available to and inclusive of everyone in our community.

Jo Buick is a teacher that Rane and Jo have both long admired and respected, so we were super excited to have the opportunity to record this conversation with her.

In this episode we hear:
* How Jo was introduced to yoga
* What is the definition of trauma-informed yoga?
* Why is trauma-informed yoga important?
* Are themes appropriate for a yoga class?
* How might be an appropriate and non-coercive way to introduce the theme of gratitude into a class?
* What is the effect of spinal health upon mental health?
* The importance of using language mindfully during a class
* How do we create safer spaces for teachers?
* Jo’s work teaching in the community sector
* Jo talks about the project she co-founded - State of Being
* Jo’s talks about her 3 main Self Care practices.
* How Jo became aware that her regime of self-care practices was actually enabling her to maintain an unhealthy workload, and her insights around the strength to say no to things.
* How walking away from something can take strength
* What can yoga teachers do to help prevent burn-out?
* How do we incorporate inclusivity and authenticity into our yoga classes and social media?
* How do we ensure studios follow through on the promises of trauma-informed, queer-friendly and body positivity?

Jo Buick - State of Being: https://www.stateofbeing.org.au/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jo.buick/

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