Episode 66

41 mins

Jose Goossens - Yoga Australia - Passing the Torch

November 10, 2019

Jose Goossens was the first President of Yoga Australia when it was known as the Yoga Teachers Association. In this conversation, Jose tells us about her background growing up in Holland before moving to Australia. We hear how Jose discovered yoga and she tells us how it took her 3 times going to a general yoga class before she truly decided that yoga was for her. We learn a little about the Melbourne yoga scene in the 70s and finally, Jose discusses the early days of the Yoga Teacher's Association, and some of the challenges and successes of the nascent organisation.

This is another of our episodes released in partnership with Yoga Australia.

Yoga Australia: https://www.yogaaustralia.org.au/
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1:56 Jose’s background growing up in Holland, before moving to Australia when she was 8
2:32 How did Jose discover yoga?
3:42 Early experiences at the Gita School of Yoga back in the 70s
5:00 Jose shares some of Gita’s history and their approach to yoga
7:00 What was the Melbourne Yoga landscape like at the time?
7:40 What was the point when Jose decided she wanted to teach yoga?
8:20 What lead to Jose teaching yoga?
9:21 The relaxation room at the Gita School
10:48 Did yoga help Jose tap into her inner confidence?
14:44 Did Jose choose to teach teachers or did life serve that up for her?
15:25 What does Jose love the most about teaching teachers?
15:51 How did Jose become involved in Yoga Australia?
17:10 Was there any resistance to Yoga Australia coming together?
17:33 Was Jose playing a different role with Yoga Australia before becoming president?
17:41 How did Yoga Australia come together?
18:58 Why did Jose take on the role of President?
19:31 What were her biggest challenges in the role?
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21:40 What were Jose’s biggest successes as president?
24:15 Jose’s advice for all teachers
27:28 Function not form
28:28 Are there any common threads between the many people that Jose has taught over the years?
30:28 Is Jose still involved in Yoga Australia?
31:48 What are the biggest challenges for Yoga teachers today?
36:29 Are older students more receptive to the non-physical aspects of the practice?
37:36 Does Jose have any advice for anyone thinking of taking on a volunteer role, or even a leadership role at Yoga Australia?
39:10 What is the one core lesson that Jose would like to share with the world?
39:42 Next week’s episode is our 2 year anniversary!

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