Kate McAnergney - Pre and Post Natal Yoga

Episode 121

75 mins

Kate McAnergney - Pre and Post Natal Yoga

October 23, 2022

For todays episode we are speaking with Kate McAnergney of Matri Yoga. Kate has been teaching yoga for 18 years and she and Jo have known each other since the late 90s.

We’ll hear some of their reminiscing about that time, as well as Kate’s training at Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, South India in 2004. We’ll also hear about her time with Paul Wooden at the Gertrude Street Yoga Studio and with Anahata Giri.

Kate specialises in yoga and mindfulness-based practices to support women through pregnancy and postpartum, she is also training to become a doula.

We were excited to talk to her as we know that a pregnant person unexpectedly arriving in class can actually make a lot of teachers anxious, especially if it wasn’t a big part of their teacher training.
Kate has some great suggestions about practices that work well in a group classes, skillful use of language including navigating corporate settings where the participant wants to keep their pregnancy private.

Kate also shares some of the wonderful aspects of teaching specialised classes, focusing on this unique time in life as well as insights that would be useful for teachers of all styles.



Anahata Giri https://www.soulriver.com.au/yoga-of-birth-prenatal-yoga-teacher-training
Nina Isabella https://www.mamashanti.com.au/

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