Kavitha Moahan - Traditional Aerial Yoga

Episode 122

61 mins

Kavitha Moahan - Traditional Aerial Yoga

November 20, 2022

In this episode we speak with Dr Kavitha Moahan, the author of Traditional Aerial Yoga, director of Aum Yoga Studio in Chennai Tamil Nadu India, a scientist, multiple world record holder and a recipient of the prestigious Yoga Kalaimamani award.

While Kavitha has a strong physical practice, she sees yoga primarily as a path to self realisation and a way to achieve balance and peace within oneself, and focuses more on the therapeutic aspects of aerial yoga too. We were intrigued to learn more about how the Thottil, which is a traditional South Indian hammock used to soothe babies, to support deity statues in temples and even as part of funeral processions. This tool of emotional regulation and spiritual expression forms the basis of Kavitha’s approach to aerial yoga along with her research focus from her science background and deep respect for the traditions of Yoga.

Finding the balance between innovation and honouring tradition is just one of the topics we cover - we also talk about her time studying in Australia, pain science, body image, woman's health and some of the unique benefits of the thottil/aerial hammock.


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