Kaye Tribe - Functional Anatomy and Hypermobility

Episode 25

60 mins

Kaye Tribe - Functional Anatomy and Hypermobility

May 27, 2018

Kaye Tribe is a Melbourne based yoga teacher and teacher of teachers. She is a Yoga Australia registered Yoga Therapist and member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Kaye is the co-director of the Academy of Yoga and MindBody Education (AYME), and has taught a wide range of students over many years. With her background as a qualified myotherapist and lecturer in a range of Health Science subjects including functional anatomy, she has a deep knowledge of functional anatomy and how it can be useful to yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

In this episode, we learn about Kaye’s background and how she discovered yoga through the Gita school. We learn about how she started in myotherapy, and how it influences her understanding and teaching of anatomy.

We also have some anatomy questions from our audience that Kaye was kind enough to answer, and we finish off with an in-depth discussion on hypermobility and how to most effectively work with hypermobile students.

Kaye knows this subject inside and out, so it was an absolute privilege to have this conversation.

Academy of Yoga and Mindbody Education https://www.ayme.com.au
Video: Awakening the Gluteal Muscles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFq0rldiVFM
Video: Are you hyper or hypo mobile? http://www.yogajournal.com.au/2018/03/05/are-you-hyper-or-hypo-mobile/

Rane’s Pick of the week - Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson - https://amzn.to/2IR37cI


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6:24 The foundational role of Gita Yoga in Melbourne
7:02 “Book Club”
8:41 The logic behind a Gita Class
10:20 A welcoming and warm space for yoga
10:55 How Kaye started in myotherapy
12:16 “You’ve got to be self healing, before you’re going to be a healer”
13:57 How Kaye approaches teaching anatomy
17:04 “Doing a practice with your own experience, your own exploration”
17:46 Don't tell a student what they “should” be feeling
18:42 What is a good level of training to keep up to date as a teacher?
19:15 A definition of functional anatomy
21:44 Teach what you’ve learned, see how people respond to it
22:28 What is an appropriate amount of anatomy cues to give?
23:36 “The simpler you can make it, that means you really know it”
24:00 What is the role of the buttocks in cobra?
26:10 Where did the cue to relax your glutes in backbends come from?
27:30 What’s the best angle for the back foot in trikonasana?
31:12 Yin and Hypermobility
35:36 Hypermobility and proprioception:
36:38 What is a hypermobile joint?
40:28 How do you best work with a group of varying levels of mobility?
42:50 How to help students protect themselves
43:38 What are the benefits of stretching?
46:01 Is there benefit to gently stressing our joints?
47:07 How do you maintain a sustainable yoga practice after possibly having overdone the stretching?
51:39 Is it worth studying a different bodywork modality such as myotherapy?
55:24 Picks of the week

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