Episode 124

85 mins

Laura & Ian - Justice, yoga & healing from trauma

January 29, 2023

In this episode we speak with Laura Wilson-McGinn and Ian McGinn. They both teach together through Move Like You Yoga, and have a special interest in working with police, army and first responders, particularly those experiencing severe PTSD. They deliver classes specifically for the Code 9 Foundation (a foundation established to support emergency services workers with PTSD), as well as sessions that everyone can attend.

Laura is of Aboriginal, English and Scottish decent. She is an aboriginal woman, whose blood line comes from Yass, NSW. She was born and raised in Melbourne.

She has worked extensively across the government, community legal, and university sectors as a policy writer, researcher, sessional academic, lecturer and advocate, and as a lawyer in the Victorian Supreme Court..

Ian is a Detective Senior Constable with Victoria Police and he has a PhD in Australian Indigenous Studies from Monash University.

He also works as a sessional academic at Swinburne University, teaching and lecturing in Criminology and Police Studies.

They both have a passion for movement - with Laura coming from an extensive dance background including ballet, calisthenics, pole dance and aerial arts. Ian has a passion and love for jiu jitsu, yoga, fishing and bushwalking.

In this conversation we discuss how all of these interests and life experiences weave together to inform the way they teach and live their yoga. Please be advised we do cover some sensitive topics including the death of a parent, and the mental health challenges connected with working in emergency services and adversarial justice including PTSD.


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