Leanne Davis - President of Yoga Australia

Episode 64

53 mins

Leanne Davis - President of Yoga Australia

October 27, 2019

This episode is released in partnership with Yoga Australia.

Leanne Davis is the current president of Yoga Australia. She completed her first Yoga Teacher training with the Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Forest Academy in South India in 1988, and in this conversation, we learn about how she discovered yoga, how she went on to learn Ayurveda and Chinese medicine and how she weaves these together in her work today.

We learn about how Leanne became involved in Yoga Australia - first working as a volunteer at the state level before joining the executive committee at the national level. We asked her questions about cultural appropriation and authenticity and how to make yoga more inclusive. Finally, we ask what are some of the biggest challenges for Yoga Teachers today, and what can Yoga Australia do to support them.

Yoga Australia: https://www.yogaaustralia.org.au/yoga_user/leanne-davis/
Leanne's website: https://www.viniyogaaustralia.com/

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1:40 Adrenal Healing with Gina Macauley
2:10 Accessible Yoga by Jivana Heyman book giveaway
3:00 Leanne’s background - growing up in Sydney before relocating to Brisbane.
3:15 Leanne’s first Yoga experiences
6:43 Was there a turning point that lead Leanne deeper into her practice?
8:00 How Leanne began teaching Yoga - her key teachers.
11:25 How compatible are ayurveda and chinese medicine?
16:26 Does she practice ayurveda and chinese medicine together, or does she weave them together?
17:50 How did Leanne become involved in Yoga Australia?
19:09 How did Leanne become President of Yoga Australia?
21:11 When did Leanne become President?
22:07 Why did Leanne take on the role of President of Yoga Australia?
23:45 Support us on Patreon!
25:05 Have there been any particular challenges in the role?
27:26 What does Leanne consider her biggest successes in the role?
30:55 What does Yoga Australia’s relationship with Yoga New Zealand involve?
33:39 What could Yoga Australia be doing to foster more diversity and inclusion in the yoga teaching landscape?
37:22 How do we honour the traditions of a practice that came from another culture while keeping it authentic to who we are?
41:45 What are the biggest challenges for yoga teachers moving forward, and how can Yoga Australia support them?
44:02 Where doe Leanne Davis see Yoga Australia heading in the next 10-15 years?
49:31 What is the one core lesson Leanne Davis would like people to take away from her work and teachings?

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