Leigh Blashki - Yoga Australia's Pivotal Moments

Episode 68

39 mins

Leigh Blashki - Yoga Australia's Pivotal Moments

November 24, 2019

This episode is released in partnership with Yoga Australia to celebrate their 20 year anniversary!

We sat down with co-founder and former president of Yoga Australia Leigh Blashki while on retreat at Continental House at Hepburn Springs.

This is the second time we've spoken with Leigh for the podcast and this time we had the chance to learn more about the history of Yoga Australia, including some of the organisation's most pivotal moments.

We also hear some of Leigh's hopes and dreams for the organisation, and why he believes that Yoga Australia is essential for the future of yoga and the yoga teaching profession in this country.

Rane also shares some of his plans for the future of the podcast and asks for your submissions, opinions and feedback about hands-on assists/adjustments.

Yoga Australia: https://www.yogaaustralia.org.au/
Leigh Blashki: https://www.yogaaustralia.org.au/yoga_user/leigh-blashki/

The Makarlu: https://www.makarlu.com/aff/7/
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1:15 Last Week’s Episode
1:50 Adjustments Episode - send submissions!
4:14 Leigh gives a bit of his background
5:17 The formation of Yoga Australia
6:30 Ructions in the yoga community
8:22 “Standards was to become the main thrust of this”
10:07 Was there much debate about how much time should be dedicated to each aspect of yoga in a training?
11:01 How should aspects of yoga that are more recently becoming important be addressed in trainings? IE Trauma informed yoga, accessibility etc
15:53 How can someone get advice or further training on honing their ability on tuning into the subtle energy of students in a class?
18:40 Yoga Australia’s mentoring program
20:20 Jo talks about the Makarlu
22:20 Mentoring continued
23:44 What were the pivotal moments in the creation of Yoga Australia? Changing the name to Yoga Australia.
24:56 The next pivotal moment: Appointing Shamarla as General Manager/CEO
25:46 The third pivotal moment: Deshackling from being an incorporated association.
27:44 The benefits of joining Yoga Australia
29:50 How Yoga Australia has helped with grievances.
30:35 What Leigh would like to see In the next 20 years for Yoga Australia
31:29 What have Leigh’s proudest moments been with Yoga Australia?
32:20 What have been the biggest challenges?
34:02 Is there anything Leigh would like to see more of in the future for Yoga Australia?
36:45 Leigh’s one core lesson
37:45 Next week’s episode Ella Noah Bancroft

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