Episode 15

85 mins

Louise Taube - Designing Movement

January 22, 2018

Louise Taube is a much loved and well respected Melbourne Pilates teacher, studio owner and teacher trainer. Her passion for pilates as a healing modality and the joy of movement is clear - in this episode she shares her experiences as a dancer who used Pilates to train and rehabilitate her own body and how she discovered her talent for teaching, and eventually training teachers.

Louise also tells us of some of her areas of speciality - Pilates for Active Ageing, Pre and Post Natal Pilates and her passion for translating Pilates movements into film and youtube videos. She has some great advice for movement teachers from all modalities - and listening to Louise will make you want to get up and move - her energy is infectious!


Louise's Youtube

Other Youtubers she likes
Wendy Huber

Kirk Smith

Louise's Pick of the week - the Butterfly Tree

Jo's pick of the week - the oov

Rane's pick of the week - Cutting through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trumpa

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