Episode 61

57 mins

Manoj Dias - A Space for Compassion

October 6, 2019

Manoj Dias is a yoga and meditation teacher, and the founder of A-Space meditation centre in Melbourne. In this conversation, we learn from Manoj what it was like growing up in the Theravada Buddhist tradition in Sri Lanka before relocating to Australia as a child. We learn about his struggles with anxiety in a high flying corporate career and how finding a very special and compassionate teacher brought him back to meditation. He also tells us how he began teaching yoga and meditation, founded A-Space and continues to teach in Australia and internationally.

We have a deep and far-ranging conversation that includes issues of accessibility, cultural appropriation, the potential abuse of spiritual practices in the corporate world and self-care.

Manoj's Website: https://www.manojdias.com.au/
Manoj's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manojdias
A-SPACE meditation centre: https://a-space.com.au/

Last chance to book in to "Guiding Inner Journeys" with Amy Bell: https://www.gardenofyoga.com.au/workshops/guiding-inner-journeys/

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1:30 Last chance to book in to Guiding Inner Journey’s with Amy Bell
2:45 Manoj tells us about his background growing up in Sri Lanka before relocating to Australia
4:06 Manoj describes the Theravada Buddhist tradition he was raised in.
7:22 Manoj’s perspective on authenticity and appropriation
13:05 On Michelle Cassandra Johnson’s book “Skill in Action”
14:14 How does Manoj skillfully guide individuals through asking themselves the “ugly” questions?
19:52 Did Manoj have a very strict upbringing?
20:52 Did he rebel against his religious upbringing at all?
22:26 What was it about this teacher that brought Manoj back into his practice?
24:55 Manoj talks about his time working in a high stress job and dealing with anxiety.
27:50 How does Manoj deal with anxiety now?
29:28 Does Manoj have strategies for dealing with the stress of travelling?
30:20 Please support us on Patreon!
31:26 Is a different mindset required when teaching a larger group rather than a more intimate setting?
32:29 Setting up A-Space Meditation centre
36:54 The morality of mindfulness in large corporate spaces.
40:56 What is Manoj doing these days?
42:47 What does Manoj think are the key things that people can be doing to make sure that these teachings are being made accessible to everyone?
48:15 How does Manoj get into a good headspace for teaching when he has had a bad day?
50:04 What is the one core lesson that Manoj would like people to take away from his work and his teachings
51:00 Outro - next week’s episode.

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