Mark Workman - Daoism, Yoga and The Outback

Episode 93

54 mins

Mark Workman - Daoism, Yoga and The Outback

November 29, 2020

Mark Workman has lived as a solitary Daoist monk for 16 years in Outback Australia and has followed a traditional Daoist path as well as living a Yogic lifestyle. In that time he practised yoga therapy, taught Yoga and Qi Gong and also taught various forms of meditation.

Mark’s approach to Yoga is intensely practical. He has used Yoga to deal with major physical and psychological issues in his own life and is passionate about passing on what he has learnt to others.

Mark had his leg amputated in 2017 and during a long stay in the hospital, he adapted yoga to the physical and psychological needs of amputees and people suffering mobility problems.

In this episode, we learn about Mark's background growing up in Sydney, before he left for the outback at the age of 16. We hear how he cultivated an early interest in Zen Buddhism, Christian Theology and Daoism. We learn about the circumstances leading to his leg being amputated, and how he found he could use his knowledge to help other amputees.


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2:00 Mark tells us about his background growing up in Sydney.
3:32 Leaving home for the outback at age 16
4:21 The path that lead him towards "spirituality"
9:00 The things that put him off secular Christianity - what took him towards more "physical" practices.
13:00 What drew Mark to yoga.
13:53 Mark's key teachers
15:20 Living as a solitary Daoist Monk
18:10 A solitary isn't a hermit.
20:40 How did Mark land upon Daoism as his "main" form of study.
23:16 How Mark lost his leg.
27:53 How was Mark's experience sharing his practices with other people?
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31:31 Empowering yourself after an amputation. On being labelled as disabled.
33:30 Adjustments that are required after becoming an amputee.
36:48 How much did Mark have to figure out for himself?
40:12 Don't go in with an agenda for someone else and their condition.
41:29 Why Mark doesn't like the word spirituality.
43:29 Did losing a limb change Mark's attitude towards the practices he was doing?
50:09 On gratitude practices.
52:45 Mark's one core lesson.
54:13 Our next episode with Amy Weintraub

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