Marlee Silva - You Can't Be What You Can't See

Episode 90

65 mins

Marlee Silva - You Can't Be What You Can't See

October 18, 2020

In this episode we speak with Marlee Silva, the creator of the 'Tiddas 4 Tiddas' and 'Always Was, Always Will Be our Stories' Podcast, and the author of 'My Tidda, My Sister'.

Marlee is a proud Gamilaroi and Dunghutti woman who combines her passion for storytelling and pride in her Aboriginality in her work by sharing stories of strength, resilience and inspiration. She is dedicated to uplifting others and demonstrating the diversity of what success can look like. We were excited to talk to her and learn more!

In this episode, Marlee shares her childhood experiences of growing up in a predominantly white beachside town and how she often felt isolated. She shares how she developed a huge Instagram following, sharing Aboriginal Women's stories and achievements on her page 'Tiddas 4 tiddas'. Marlee also shares the dark side of life online and the cyberbullying that she has experienced.


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2:20 Marlee talks about her background and where she grew up.
10:06 How Tiddas 4 Tiddas started on Instagram
14:33 Who was Marlee writing the book My Tidda My Sister for?
21:02 Was Marlee writing for a younger version of her?
31:09 Support us on Patreon!
31:37 What as the hardest part of writing the book?
35:15 About Always Was, Always Will be our stories the podcast
39:29 What does Marlee love about the medium of podcasting?
45:00 Marlee's experience of cyberbullying.
57:00 On spirituality and mindfulness
1:00:26 Marlee's core lesson for the world.
1:04:14 Outro - next week's guest Divya Kohli

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