Episode 81

59 mins

Matthew Remski - COVID Conspiracies and the Future of Yoga

May 17, 2020

We've been seeing all sorts of conspiracy theories posted online lately - from 5g causing coronavirus, to the Plandemic film and more. So we decided to have a chat with Matthew Remski. Matthew Remski is a yoga teacher, a writer and an activist. He has written extensively about cult dynamics in yoga, but recently he has turned his attention to the huge amount of conspiracy discourse that has been spread on Social Media lately.

As well as learning about some of the factors that feed into conspiracy discourse, we get Matthew's point of view on the future of the yoga industry post COVID-19.


Matthew's Website: http://matthewremski.com/
Article about Qanon: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/06/qanon-nothing-can-stop-what-is-coming/610567/
Conversation between Barbara Cecil & Dahr Jamail: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/last-born-in-the-wilderness-2/e/64642058
Earthrise Podcast conversation with Derek Beres, Julian Walker & Matthew Remski: https://www.earthrisepodcast.com/health/87-conspiracy-theories-cult-dynamics-with-matthew-remski-and-julian-walker/

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3:38 How is Matthew coping in his personal life with COVID 19?
6:16 Matthew discusses his partner’s Masters in “eco grief”
9:46 How does Matthew see the yoga industry being affected by the pandemic?
19:03 Has Matthew noticed a shifting in priorities online in the yoga industry?
24:00 What is the definition of a cult?
27:24 Does Matthew see more people being drawn towards cults during this pandemic?
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33:56 Conspiracy discourse in the yoga and wellness communities
40:42 What is the best way to engage with people who are participating in conspiracy discourse?
46:50 How do you decide how involved to get when you have concerns for a friend who is involved in conspiracy discourse? How do you give them autonomy, practice self-care and be a good friend?
51:28 Does Matthew Remski see any positives coming out of our response to the pandemic?

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