May Yuen - Rooftop Yoga

Episode 128

27 mins

May Yuen - Rooftop Yoga

June 18, 2023

Our guest this episode is May Yuen, the founder of Rooftop Yoga in Brisbane.
May was born in Hong Kong and came to Australia in 2012 to study Media and Communication at QUT.

This time away from her family really highlighted the importance of community connection for May, and as she shares in the episode she also had to spend a lot of time living apart from her fiancé for visa reasons. This is how she discovered yoga - as a way of supporting her own mental health during this lonely time, which then led to her training as a teacher to help others.

May was inspired to start Brisbane rooftop yoga looking back into Hong Kong history, where back in the 50s and 60s Kung Fu masters started teaching their students on the rooftops of urban apartment buildings to cultivate individual wellbeing and community connection, and as a chance to experience nature while living in the city.

We also talk about the logistics of setting a program like this up, as well as the benefits that May has noticed so far.

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