Episode 49

68 mins

Melanie Mackintosh - Teaching Prenatal Yoga

April 28, 2019

Melanie Mackintosh is a yoga teacher, co-owner of the Australian Yoga Academy and their Director of Education, where she manages AYA’s Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher training program. Melanie was one of Rane's teachers and mentors while he was doing his yoga teacher training and she specialises in pre and postnatal yoga, the topic of today's episode.

In this episode, we cover the core principals of prenatal yoga and it's benefits. We discuss some alternative viewpoints over different aspects of prenatal yoga which can make it a complex and sometimes confusing style to teach. We learn some strategies for working with a general class that may include pregnant women, so everyone feels safe and included. Rane shares the anxiety he sometimes feels when pregnant women come into his class, and we know he is not alone, so there is information in this episode that will help many teachers.

Finally, we discuss Mel's upcoming 50 Hour Advanced Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training at Australian Yoga Academy in Prahran, Melbourne, and who may benefit the most from it!


Mel's upcoming workshop: https://australianyogaacademy.com/special-events/workshops/
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Music by Ghostsoul: https://ghostsoul.bandcamp.com
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0:40 Yoga Life Satsang
1:50 About todays episode
3:00 Mel’s background
3:55 How was Mel introduced to Yoga?
4:04 Did Mel have any key teachers in her yoga journey?
4:46 What drew Mel to yoga at the beginning?
6:02 What made Mel decide to start teaching yoga?
6:44 How did Melanie’s relationship with Australian Yoga Academy begin?
8:02 What was it like moving from teaching general yoga classes to training yoga teachers?
10:40 There are many contradictory points of view in prenatal yoga.
11:18 Was it through Mel’s pregnancy that she found a love for prenatal yoga?
13:30 Does Mel have any advice for teachers who might be feeling anxiety when a pregnant woman comes into their class?
16:46 Core principles of prenatal yoga
18:11 The correlation between stress levels and pain levels
20:55 The active birthing movement.
25:54 Break - Support us via Patreon!
27:10 Hip opening poses during pregnancy
30:53 Can too much core work during pregnancy be dangerous?
35:30 Squats during pregnancy
39:02 Inversions during pregnancy
41:57 Balancing the student’s autonomy against your responsibility as a teacher to keep them safe.
44:28 Pelvic floor and scope of practice
51:08 Strategies for general classes with pregnant students
53:07 What if you suspect a student is pregnant but are worried about offending them if you ask?
56:42 Mel’s favorite alternatives to savasana - especially ones that don’t include props
57:36 Mel’s pre and postnatal yoga teacher’s workshop
1:00:44 The core of Mel’s teaching
1:02:24 Outro - next week’s guest Jivana Heyman

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